I love working with organic mediums. Here are some of my favorites! Each have their own story to tell…



This collection is inspired by my Dad and memories of helping in his workshop where he taught me to appreciate the unique grains, aromas and colors of different types of hardwoods. Many pieces of jewelry feature the beautiful remnants from his workshop and others are crafted from woods that I have been drawn to. I love you, Dad.



Breath in the warm, rich aroma of leather - Remnants from clutches become wallets, remnants from wallets become key rings, remnants from key rings become jewelry and so on and so forth until every piece of leather has become something useful and beautiful. We can minimize waste by maximizing creativity!



Hammer to anvil, each metal piece has been shaped by hand in the home studio of Branch Collective. Details are highlighted and enhanced by a patina process which adds a unique depth of color. With each strike of the hammer, the metal becomes harder and able to hold its shape. Sometimes in life its the hard blows that define us - and make us beautiful.



When a stone bead catches my eye, I start to dream up new designs to incorporate them into. I love that no stone is the same. Each has it’s unique flecks of color or ability to catch the light. In this way they remind me of people - we are designed to be unique; each gifted with our own strengths and weaknesses - this is what makes us human.