These four collections have been carefully and thoughtfully crafted from my favorite mediums. Each is very different. Each has its own story. But all have an organic thread that ties them together with a cohesive simplicity. Enjoy! 



This collection is inspired by my Dad and memories of helping in his workshop where he taught me to appreciate the unique grains, aromas and colors of different types of hardwoods. Each piece of jewelry features beautiful remnants from his workshop and holds a story all it’s own.



Breath in the warm, rich aroma of leather - Remnants from computer cases become wallets, remnants from wallets become key rings, remnants from key rings become jewelry and so on and so forth until every piece of leather has become something useful and beautiful.



Hammer to anvil, each metal piece has been shaped by hand in the home studio of Branch Collective. Details are highlighted and enhanced by a patina process which adds a unique depth of color.



Concrete with a splash of metallic. This combination of mediums creates a balance of textures and juxtaposes strength and elegance. Each piece is hand poured and painted in the home studio of Branch Collective.