Our Story


Minimal, Natural, Nostalgic. Explore, Create, Live. I wrote out these words in October 2016 as I was dreaming up “Branch Collective”. Though I have been designing and making things since forever, the name Branch Collective gave me boundaries and the ability to refine my craft. I believe that art reflects its artist; I know this is true of me. I am inspired by colors and mediums that feel organic. Though I use many different mediums to create many different things, that organic thread ties them all together with a collective aesthetic. In this technology saturated culture, I enjoy the calm of simple designs, clean lines, muted tones and time spent working with my hands. I hope that the things I create cause you to pause and enjoy the beauty in simplicity.

Alise and her husband, Timothy, live in Hillsboro, Oregon where they both enjoy working with their hands to create useful and beautiful things. When they are not crafting, they are probably hiking, camping or fishing… or working… Alise is a Coffee Educator for Dapper & Wise Roasters and Tim is a Certified Flight Instructor at the Aero Academy in Hillsboro.